Re: Preparing anthro of food and nutrition course (fwd)

Hanson, Douglas (dhanson@FORSYTH.ORG)
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 12:55:35 PST

You might be interested in: Pollock NJ (1992) These Roots Remain: Food
Habits in Islands of the Central and Eastern Pacific since Western Contact.
Lai'e, Hawai'i: The Institute for Polynesian Studies (ISBN 0-939154-51-X),
This is a very readable volume with some minor inaccuracies.

Doug Hanson
Forsyth Dental Center

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Subject: Preparing anthro of food and nutrition course (fwd)
Author: Jerome Barkow <barkow@IS.DAL.CA> at INTERNET
Date: 4/29/96 6:05 PM

I'll be teaching a full-year anthro course on food/nutrition, next
academic season, and would be happy to exchange ideas about books,
articles, and films. I am particularly interested in something that can
serve as a textbook. Most of my own bibliography is a bit out-of-date, as
I last taught this class some years ago (using Marvin Harris's Riddles of
Food and Culture, among other things). If folks will send their
suggestions directly to me, I will summarize to the list if warranted.

Jerry Barkow