Request for text suggestions

John Wingard (jwingard@AG.GOV)
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 06:38:44 -0600

I have recently accepted a teaching position after several years of
working in a non-academic setting. Consequently, I am rather out of date
on the current selection of textbooks available. Sifting
through the propoganda supplied by publishers and skimming through
selections at the AAA meetings doesn't really provide information on how
well the texts resonate with students and which texts do the best job of
conveying information effectively.

The first course for which I would like your opinions is for a basic
Intro to Cultural Anthropology. The department has a strong applied
emphasis, so I am most interested in a text that addresses the applied
aspects of anthropology along the the traditional fare. Also, if you
would share the names of ethnographies that you have found particulary
useful in your teaching, I would greatly appreciate it.

Another class I am teaching is Human Adaptations. This is an upper-level
undergradute course covering human populations and their variation;
examination of human adaptations in locomotion and manipulation, facial
structure, brain and language, and reproduction; comparisons to anatomy,
physiology, and behavior of other primates (to give the course catalog
description). Again, I would appreciate any suggestions you have for
text(s) and particularly useful readings.

You can respond directly to me at

Thank you,
John Wingard