Jonathan Stammers (gokyo@ELWHA.EVERGREEN.EDU)
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 20:49:57 -0700

Thank you for responding so quickly, for those of you who did. To
Carleen, I did not mind the corrections of my spelling. I rarely
misspell endeavor, but tsipend is not a word I have used that often. As
to the question asked, I am at the end of my junior yearand my work has
been on the evolution of technology and whether technology has played a
beneficial role in the human experience as a whole. I plan to continue
this topic later. My interests are in Cultural Anthropology, Physical
Anthropology, and Archaeology, as it pertains to the development of the
human condition (i.e. improvement or limitation to the individual). What
I think I need the most is hands on experience. I believe that I need to
do field work. That does not mean that I only want to do field work, but
that, at this stage of my development I would benefit from the