Fourth World Contact Information

Center for World Indigenous Studies (avd5863@IS.NYU.EDU)
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 18:59:27 -0400

The Center for World Indigenous Studies is currently compiling an
international and public directory of e-mail addresses to contact Fourth
World governments and non-governmental political/social organizations. The
directory will complement the Center's Fourth World Documentation Project
(FWDP) by facilitating communication between Fourth World nations.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! To our knowledge, this information has not been
previously collected and made publicly accessible. If you represent or
work for a Fourth World nation or contact such a government or a related
non-governmental organization via e-mail, we hope you will take a moment
to answer the questions below. The information will be collected,
organized and provided via the FWDP Web Page, where it will be
continuously updated and expanded:

Fourth World Documentation Project Web Page:

| |
| |
| * The full name of the Fourth World nation |
| |
| * The people(s) it includes (e.g. tribes or ethnic groups) |
| |
| * The state/province and country where it is located |
| |
| * An e-mail contact for official government business, |
| including name, title and e-mail address |
| |
| * An e-mail contact for general inquiries, including name, |
| title and e-mail address |
| |
| * If you are involved with another kind of electronic |
| resource, such as a WWW site, information about such a |
| site would also be appreciated. Please clarify if it is |
| a government-sponsored site or a non-governmental resource |
| |

The Center recognizes that many Fourth World nations may only be contained
via intermediate channels, such as individual members or third parties who
have access to electronic communication. The Center is interested in
receiving such unofficial contacts with the knowledge, consent and ability
of such parties to act as intermediaries. Any other help in locating these
resources would be greatly appreciated.

Examples are included below. Thank you very much for your time and
Mail all responses and questions to:

Alx Dark, Intern

Center for World Indigenous Studies
P.O. Box 2574, Olympia, Washington, 98507-2574, USA

| |
| |
| Tibet Shuswap Nation (Neskonlith |
| China Occupied; exile Indian Band) |
| government in India BC, Canada |
| Dept. of Information & Chief Arthur Manuel |
| International Relations |
| <> <> |
| Office of Tibet, London |
| |
| tibetlondon/ |
| |