Re: Mystery Photo (shafts?)

John Pastore (venture@CANCUN.RCE.COM.MX)
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 15:58:08 +0000

On 24 Apr 96 at 10:21, Sam Ball wrote:

...Other possibilities that occur are
> ventilation shafts or a conduit for some kind of astronomical
> observation. The last statement should be fairly easy to check
> as the orientation of such observation features have a limited
> subset of possible orientations. Check the descriptions of the
> astronomical features of the Carachol at Chichen.

Hi Sam,

First, it is not a natural tunnel. It is korbeled, and the entrance
is well constructed with a lintel for example. There is also a step
going down, like a stoop, going in.

As far as a shaft for ventilation, the floor of the tunnel is level
with the floor of the room or corridor at the far end. Also the
blocks of its far wall are finely masoned. I can a seam between
two of them and its as straight as an arrow (straighter).

As far as its being a shaft for astronomical observations the incline
of the tunnel is negligible, and doesn't come anywhere near creating
a line of sight that would emerge above the rim of the surrounding
depression its in.

Keep thinking about it please, and do let me know what you come up
with. I think this is going to take a collective process of
elimination until an answer better than a walkway (which it appears
to be in all its aspects) may emerge. Particularly the answer to the
nature of the people for whom and by whom it was built. I'd
appreciate it...

Also take note: I am submitting my messages on this topic to both
Anthro-L and Arch-L as every input seems quite necessary. There has
been confusion regarding crossed-posts, and the quoting of
individuals in them. Please know that I am trying to clear that up,
but if anyone has any reservations about being quoted within a group
to which they don't belong, please let me know. Thanks...

Ka Xiik Keech Ya Utzil,

John Pastore
Writer/Guide in 'El Mayab'
("The Mayan Homeland")