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>There is a different scenario, which underlies what the newspaper article
>about: ? --> parents lose control of their children --> children lose
>for authority/rules/guidelines --> delinquent behavior. The "?" is there
>leave open the matter of: Why do parents lose control of their children?

Sorry. Can't think of any anthropological research that addresses this
problem specifically. By "anthropological research" I mean work done by

But if anthropologists were to get involved, I can think of at least two
candidates for (?). The first one is "lack of bonding." The second one is
"lack of discipline." I think the first one would be more productive in an
explanatory sense, but it would also be more difficult to specify and
measure. The second one is already being suggested by some some family court
judges and police officers.

Just as interesting would be the questions, "why lack of bonding" and "why
lack of discipline?" I know of a family court judge who claims that parents
are afraid to discipline for fear of being reported for child abuse (!). Why
the "lack of bonding?" Ahh, that's a deeper issue. We're back to the victim
issue again.

Mike Cahill

PS: If we expand "anthropological" to include cross-cultural research and
writers who cite anthropologists, the I'd recommend Kenneth Boulding's _The
Economy of Love and Fear_. 1973.