Re: The Chindlfraesser

Marie K Conrad (mkconrad@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Tue, 23 Apr 1996 10:41:05 -0400

Dear John,
I believe that it was Kurt Vonnegut (in a preface to Ann Sexton's
'Transformations' who said that fairy tales were a way of domesticating
Marie Conrad

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, John Pastore wrote:

> On 22 Apr 96 at 13:50, Tanya Patricia Henauer wrote:
> > Hi Tanya!
> ... a very horific story, my grandfather
> > used to tell me the story everytime we walked by the fountain
> > depicting this Chindlifraesser eating one child and holding another
> > struggling in his grasp. Why anyone would want to put such fear into
> > a child is beyond me...
> Maybe because, in a way, there are Chindlfraesser's out their, as in
> child molesters, and it was a fable to help teach little children
> not to wander without an adult. It was probalbly why Heidi's
> grandfather became so intent on finding his grandchild. No? I think
> there's lots of truths in fairytales and fables.
> Please note: I've changed the topic. Thanks...
> Ka Xiik Keech Ya Utzil,
> John Pastore
> Writer/Guide in 'El Mayab'
> ("The Mayan Homeland")