Re: Role Models

John Pastore (venture@CANCUN.RCE.COM.MX)
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 16:19:16 +0000

On 22 Apr 96 at 13:20, Shauna Brunette wrote:

Hi Shauna,

> But they are taught. They are taught by role modelling and being
> given respect and responsiblity. Those are the best lessons to
> give. :))

Hmm... Role-modeling? I not so sure --at least not in whole, the
culture where they live within is much different than that of the
United States, and so-called 'Western" cultures as you pointed out.
Values, value-systems, and even psychologies are vastly different.
For one, they have no idea that they need any such help.

But even if that be just the case, isn't it too bad that they don't
get diplomas for learning what they do from their role-models so
well? And, then being the ones who have the license to council?

Ka Xiik Keech Ya Utzil,

John Pastore
Writer/Guide in 'El Mayab'
("The Mayan Homeland")