Reply to John Pastore

Richard G. Calo (rgcalo@EDEN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 10:04:22 EDT

> That 'Pastore' post describes unravelling not just one thread, but
> several - intertwined, after a big-ball banged. The unraveling was
> more like "deprocess/progress" than "process/progress.

I am aware of that. I was refering to the part where you wrote that
"sci.archeology.moderated and some mailing lists are simply becoming what
their moderators want them to be, and not the participants or the list
memberships," or "Not only does at least three moderators there have a
hard-core record of dictating what itis that does not 'challenge the
authority of scholarship,' but, at least one, would be voted as theleast
nicely coiner of phrasers of communications yet on the internet." To
me, these individuals' actions seemed like a pretty good description
of the attempt to arrive at one solitary, monolithic "thread."
Conversely, unraveling this thread, is already a raveling in another
direction, or of another thread.