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Wed, 17 Apr 1996 14:54:48 +0000


(Incorporating the Royal Anthropological Institute biennial
Film Prize and the University of Kent (UK) Ethnographic
Film Festival)

Friday 8th -Sunday 10th November 1996
University of Kent at Canterbury, UK

-Competitive Film Screenings for the RAI Film Prize
1996, Basil Wright Film Prize 1996 and JVC Professional
Student Video Prize 1996; plus a new prize for films on
material Culture and Archaeology. Film Prize Judges: Dr
Suzette Heald (Lancaster University), Melissa Llewelyn
Davies (Independent Film Maker), Marc Piault (EHESS,

-2 days of Continuous Parallel Film Screenings selected
mainly from the 1996 Prize Entries

-A Panel discussion on Privacy and Ethnics in
Ethnographic Film organised by Peter Getzels and
Jonathan Benthall

-A one day conference: 'Of Rainforests, Films and Forest
Peoples' to explore issues relating to 1) Filming in the
rainforest. 2) Does filming in the rainforest and rainforest
peoples help them? 3. Issues in self representation.
Enquiries, conference abstracts and film synopses to Laura
Rival , Eliot College, University of Kent, UK. e-mail:

-A one day conference 'Television & Anthropology and
the Anthropology of Television examining the following
themes: 1) Television representations of culture: television
as a producer of culture, TV as anthropology 2)
Ethnography of "viewing". 3) Television and identity: the
development of national television organisations and the
ensuing discourses. Enquiries and conference abstracts to
John Bousfield, Darwin College, University of Kent.
E-mail: filmfest96@ukc.ac.uk

-A one day conference 'Photography in Ethnographic
Research and Representation to examine the following
themes: 1) Photography as ethnography: ethnography as
photography 2) Analysing other people's images 3)
Images and representations of ethnography. Enquiries and
conference abstracts to Sarah Pink, School of Education
and Social Science, University of Derby, Mickleover,
Derby DE3 5GX, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1332 622222 ex.
2099, Fax: +44 (0) 1332 514323 e-mail

- A 'Photography in Anthropology Exhibition organised by
the university of Kent in the Rutherford panoptican.
Enquiries and proposals to Glenn Bowman, Rutherford
College, University of Kent. E-mail:

- A 'Workshop on Anthropology in Cyberspace' (title to
be confirmed) organised by Mike Fischer at the University
of Kent. E-mail: m.d.fischer@ukc.ac.uk

- video library

Practical details:
Submission of entries for the Film Prizes
The Royal Anthropological Institute invites the submission
of entries for the film prizes. Submission forms and the
rules and conditions will be sent on request. Submissions
should arrive at the Institute's offices (not the University of
Kent) by June 1 1996 and should be on VHS PAL or
VHS SECAM. Only Films released on or after 1 january
1994, which have not been previously submitted for an
institute prize will be considered eligible. No films will be
considered without accompanying submission forms; those
entering films are urged to read the Rules and Conditions.
fees: Senior prizes: ?10 ($15) Student Prize: ?3.50 ($5)
Film submissions and all enquiries concerning the Prize
Competition to be addressed to the Film Officer: Gail
Baker, RAI, 50 Fitzroy Street, London, W1P 5HS, UK.
Tel +44(0)171 397 0455, Fax: +44(0) 171 383 4235
E-mail: rai@cix.compulink.co.uk

Film Festival and conference registration (including two
hosted evening receptions):
Full film festival ?42($65US) (students ?18 ($30US))
Daily rate ?20($30US) (students ?10 ($15US)
Reasonably priced accommodation can be booked
through the Festival Office at the University of Kent.

Registration and other enquiries and requests to be
addressed to 5th International Festival of Ethnographic
Film, Department of Social Anthropology, Eliot College,
University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NS. tel +44 (0)
1227 764000, Fax +44(0)1227 827289, E-mail:

Festival Directors:
Alan Bicker (University of Kent)
Sarah Pink (University of Derby)