Ancient Vermont Lives On

Tue, 16 Apr 1996 21:22:00 CDT

Picking up on the Barry Fell/Ancient America thread of a few weeks ago...

[Headline] Latest word on "Ancient Vermont" theory

"_America's Ancient Stone Relics: Vermont's Link to Bronze Age Mariners_ by
Warren W. Dexter and Donna Martin (Academy Books, Rutland, VT, 1995) revists the
controversial theory, championed by the late Castleton (State College, VT)
historian Warren Cook, that Vermont was home to ancient explorers and copper
miners from the Old World. In 1977 Cook chaired a conference on "Ancient
Vermont." Today in the library, there is a display of possible evidence of
Bronze Age visitors. Dexter is a friends and colleague of Cook, and Martin, a
Johnson State College graduate, has studied at CSC."

Castleton Alumni Review, Mud, 1996; 12(1):9.

(BTW, Mud refers to one of the seasons in Vermont, generally between Winter and

So, our New England contingent is advised to visit ancient Castle Town and look
at the "relics" that Cook, Fell, and company extracted from the Vermont
countryside by sending students out into the field to retrieve whatever they
thought was interesting, then keeping some stuff and tossing the rest over the
side of the pickup.

Certainly gives one a new perspective on archeology. But then, it's probably
"only a theory."

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