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> between students and faculty in higher education
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>HEPROC-Learning-Contracts via
> Moderated by a panel of three, HEPROC-Learning-Contracts studies the
> relationship between students and faculty in higher (or tertiary)
> education. The list will cover explicit and implicit aspects of that
> relationship, methods of customizing content and learning
> experiences, and ways to enhance students' definition of and
> commitment to course content and materials.
> Learning contracts, also referred to as learning agreements, will be
> the basis for a significant portion of list discussion topics.
> Participation from around the world is welcome.
> Subscription Instructions:
> * Visit the subscription URL:
> or
> * Send an email message to and introduce yourself.
> Discuss your work in education, and include any details that might
> reflect on the topics indicated above. Please put your full name
> in the subject line.
> Moderators in Alphabetical Order:
> Cherie Gracie <>
> Cheryl Davisson Gracie, J.D., C.P.A., is a business management
> instructor at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
> She will use learning contracts this fall, to customize the
> learning experience and strengthen student commitment.
> Janice Holzl <>
> Janice Holzl is experienced in the use of learning contracts at
> undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is a lecturer at School
> of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology.
> Carl Reimann <>
> Carl owns the HEPROC network <>.
> Owner:
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