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John Pastore (venture@CANCUN.RCE.COM.MX)
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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 20:08:48

On 12 Apr 96 at 19:52, Richard G. Calo wrote:

> Marcus Aurin wrote/ spliced together:
> > I think I detected a thread running through Wednesday's discussion
> > about myth/ideology/religion that's been stringing us along. Here
> > are some of the points where I noticed it surfacing:


>...the (?) weaves 'itself' out of an indefinite number of
>differently sized (length and width) pieces of thread. At some
>point in the weaving, it starts to look like a 'sweater'; at a
>'further' point, it is easy to see that it was always going to be a
>'sweater'; and at a final point (but when can the sweater ever be
>complete since it's always possible to enter another thread, or
>double weave this one or that [until so many threads have gone into
>it that again, it is no longer a sweater but something else, say, an
>indeterminately dense ball of varying threads-- from which yet
>another universe may emerge in yet another Big Sweater Bang])

>...it leaves room only for one other argument: that of power--
>i.e., which of the cohering, accreting, and constantly
>developing/coming into being versions gets to be 'it.' Justifiably
>Foucault (I think it was Marcus Aurin who mentioned him somewhere)
>set about, or suggested we set about, examining 'power,' its
>relations, the channels along which it distributes itself, the forms
>in which it lodges itself, and so forth.

Could this be the beginning of what I think someone once said:

"Oh, what balls we do weave, when we practice to believe"?
Ka Xiik Teech Utzil,

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