Myth, Ideology, Truth--quotes

christian anderson (hbar3009@DEWEY.CSUN.EDU)
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 23:13:47 -0700

Here's a couple of quotes I came accross. May be relevant...

"Knowledge is neither a copy nor a miscopy of reality,
neither representation nor misrepresentation...but a
response to living in it" -Catherine MacKinnon

"Trying to anchor ourselves by believing in a belief-
independent reality in order to avoid the relativistic
morass serves the purposes of gaining sufficient
distance and separation to permit people to master,
contral and dominate nature...
Construction and reality do not describe totally separate
realms except to those in dominant positions for whom it is
indeed still possible to think and not worry that the thoughts
may indeed become true for them." -Edward E. Sampson