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Jordi Serrallonga (jordis@TRIVIUM.GH.UB.ES)
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 12:36:39 +0000

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<larger>The Seminar of Studies & Research into Prehistory
(Seminari d'Estudis

i Recerques Prehistoriques, S.E.R.P.), together with other departments
of the

University of Barcelona, (the Ethology Laboratory of the Dept.
of Psychiatry and Clinical Psycobiology, the Anthropology Unit of the
Dept. of Animal

Biology and the Dept. of Paleontology, Geophysics and Dynamic Geology)
has started a new line of research into HOMINID PALEO-ETHOLOGY.

We aim to reconstruct the behaviour of the first hominids from not

only archaeological remains (such as tools, habitat structures, food
scraps, etc.) but also to take into account studies on present-day
Non Human and Human Primates.

We have, in other words, added the paleo-ethologist to the list of
those who work in pluridisciplinary teams researching into
Prehistory, namely technologists, archaeozoologists,
palinologists, sedimentologists,

paleoanthropologists and other specialists.

The address of new Web site is:


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Unitat de Paleo-etologia Hominida

Seminari d'Estudis i Recerques Prehistoriques (S.E.R.P.)

Dpt. Prehistoria, Historia Antiga i Arqueologia

Universitat de Barcelona

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Jordi Serrallonga