Re: Ethnographic Atlas

christian anderson (hbar3009@DEWEY.CSUN.EDU)
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 23:40:20 -0800

Thanks for the info! I thought I had heard of a CD with all the HRAF stuff
on it, called Ethnographic Atlas. I went to UCLA and found that there are
only partial listings of the HRAF (like Marriage, Death & Dying,
Socialization, Sexuality, and two or three others) available on CD. Maybe
this is a preliminary result of the work at SMU? It sure beats the job of
microfiche jockey! I'd much rather stare at a computer screen than squint
through years of residue to decipher words on old plastic.

I wonder if there is a plan to put this stuff on the internet after it is
updated at SMU?
Despite the inherent problems with a database of this sort, it's a great
place to look for examples of almost anything.

Just a thought.

Cheers :)

-Christian Anderson