Fred Pearl (fred@ACS.TAMU.EDU)
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 17:49:58 -0600

>I am wondering if anyone knows what became of the Ethnographic Atlas. I
>heard about it as an undergraduate student when using the Human Relations
>Area Files. Is the Ethnographic Atlas a more updated data base in which I
>could find information about world cultures. Where could I find it?

I presume you are referring to Murdock's Ethnographic Atlas. It was first
published in the pages of Current Anthropology I think, but that was a long
time ago. It was reprinted in the 1960's in a more complete form. The HRAF
would be more up-to-date, but not nearly as thorough. You should be able to
get the Ethnographic Atlas at a University Library. E-mail me if you need
particular info, because I know our Library has it.

My understanding is that a prominent anthropologist at SMU is currently
working on the definitive ethnographic database for release sometime soon.


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