the students write exams

Sat, 29 Apr 1995 18:52:40 EST

I've just finished grading 96 exams in World Religions. This term's
work was religions originating in the Middle East. Here's a few
gems from their exams.


"Mary is often depicted as beautiful and having unusually big hands,
able to take on the large task of giving birth to the human god."

"As Joan of Arc portrayed, it does take what's between the legs to
have courage."

"Let me first say that historical writings, for the most part, have
been written to promote, distort, and propagate. Secondly, women in
these writings have not had this luxury."

"Just as Nasr describes Muhammed as perfect(omitting the fact that he
was illiterate)...."

"For example, what would people think of Canadians if their first
introduction to Canada was footage of the army attacking fish ships.
Not quite happy children playing hockey and little beavers."

(The quick i.d. section elicited the ff.)

Kaddish -- "In Islam the book of jurisprudence"

apocalypse -- "anti-doctrinal theory"

" -- "reincarnation of a religion"

kosher -- "the new year in the Muslim religion"

seder -- "form of dance in the Sufi tribe"

jinn -- "drink at a Catholic mass"

(In fairness to my students, I should note that UO is a bilingual school--
French and English. I teach in English, students however may work in
either language, beavering away no doubt as best they can in what often
is a second or even a third language.)
Happy grading all!

Maureen Korp, PhD
University of Ottawa