request for info: fellowships & residencies

Sat, 29 Apr 1995 16:04:03 +1200


I am trying to put together a list of fellowships or residencies for
visiting scholars. I'm an American teaching in New Zealand and I hoping to
take a year of study leave starting in July 1996. I have to get my
application in to the university by mid-May 1995. I'm looking for a place
where I can interact with other social scientists, analyse data from
fieldwork in Greece and on intergenerational relations among several ethnic
groups in New Zealand, and write and edit. I know of some programs like
the one at School for American Research, but would like to compile a
sizeable list.

In the US I used to see notices pass through the department office, but we
are off the circuit here. And the library doesn't have the reference books
that would help me compile such a list, complete with addresses, phone
numbers, FAX or e-mail. The notice about Woodrow Wilson Fellowships posted
on the Society for Anthropology of Europe recently was very helpful.

If anyone can give me information on specific centers and progrAmmes, or
direct me to sources of information on fellowships and residencies
available on the Internet, I would very greatful.

I'd also like to hear of interesting conferences and seminars that may be
taking place between July 96 and June 97.



Dr Diane Bennett (
Chairperson and Senior Lecturer
Department of Anthropology
Victoria University
PO Box 600
Wellington, New Zealand