more levity from student papers

Fri, 28 Apr 1995 20:48:14 EWT

Hello, all. I suppose that since it's the end of the semester, all of you are
grading papers, like me. as you may recall, last semester, I submitted some
unintentional gaffes from students and invited you all to send some. So,
here's some more:
I gave this one student's paper back to him, but he wrote about a child's
"protruding enthusiasm." That just struck me funny. I found myself thinking,
"Hmmmm, how big was it?"

Another student wrote a rather pitiful paper on the Holy Grail, and he had
two hilarious ones: He spoke of the lance being embeded in Christian
tradition. [Can't you just see it. Pow!] But this next one takes the cake:
"one thing that my sister explained to me, that the others did not, was the
secret of eternal life!" I just lost it when I read that. I was tempted to
write, "You're a better man than I am Gungah Dinh," but I restrained myself. I
guess what he meant, I think, was that the belief existed that he who finds the
grail and drinks from it will never die and thus have eternal life. anyhow,
yikes! I was just on the floor when I read that one sentence, though.

Anybody else have any more such levity? I'm sure we'd all appreciate it
around this time of semester.


Marge Steiner