Re: Single cause theories

Nick Corduan (nickc@DORITE.IQUEST.NET)
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 17:39:31 -0500

Hurrah for Diane King's comments!

While Carter admitted the clumsiness of the one-theory model in most fields,
he then wnet on to try and force incest into that category. While I undertand
and appreciate what he is trying to do, I must agree with Diane's general
assessment that one-theory models are to be avoided because they are far too

For instance, to follow up on the incest idea, there is no humanity-wide
since-the-beginning sentiment against incest. If this were the case, then
why would it have been necessary to pass spirtual and legal edicts against it?

Given the context of the idea you could argue I supposed that only once a
certain economic or social level was reached was the taboo enforced, but this
seems a bit of a stretch to me, and I strongly doubt it can be backed up by
actual analyzation. (Of course, if it can, I will gladly eat my words.
<g> . . . but don't just send me a list of references, speak the argument


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