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Anj Petto (ajpetto@MACC.WISC.EDU)
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Tibor Benke posits:

>I know the information is out there, but can it be pulled together? How
>about a ROMdisc anthology project on the Anthropology of Mathematics?

To which I reply via the attachment below. Marion Lundy-Dobbert posted a
message at the AAA in Atlanta for those interested in a "mathematical"
anthropology interest group/session for the next AAA meetings. Since
Marion has already agreed to become an organizing focus, I suggest that
those interested in this directions should let her know that they are
interested and let us develop the basis for this union of mathematics and


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Subject: Re: Mathematical Anthro
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To: Andrew Petto
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Re: Math Session

To date only you and one other person has responded to my AAA call for
papers for a mathematical anthropology session. I am trying to recruit more
people, but have not had time as our whole department moved in the middle
of the quarter here. If you know any one to recruit have them contact me
via Internet, at my office 612-624-7399, or at home 612-639-9168.

Thanks, Marion