Teaching psychological anthro

Mon, 17 Apr 1995 18:44:58 -0500

I will be teaching the psychological anthropology course again in the
Fall (called "Mind, Self and Emotion in Culture). I want to cover such
topics as: cross-cultural variation of the self, emotion, mental illness,
cognitive categories (and schema), the double-bind theory, Freud and
psychodynamic approaches to culture, etc. It is a rather broad course
since there is nothing else similar to it at the university. I also
will do a general overview of C+P and the history of psychological/
psychoanalytic approaches to anthropology.

So, if any others have taught similar courses within the past few years (I
last taught it 3 years ago) to undergraduates and know of some "gem"
texts that worked very well, I would certainly be interested in hearing
about them.

If folks are interested, I would be happy to post a list of suggestions to
the entire list.

Eric Silverman
DePauw Univ.