Forensic Archaeology Seminar

Stephen Nawrocki (nawrocki@GANDLF.UINDY.EDU)
Fri, 14 Apr 1995 10:23:01 -0400


Mercyhurst College is pleased to announce its fourth annual 5-day short course
in Forensic Archaeology, entitled "Field and Laboratory Methods in the
Location, Recovery, and Analysis of Human Remains in a Rural Setting." The
seminar will expose participants to state-of-the-art techniques employed by
forensic anthropologists in the search and recovery of unlocated human remains
and forensic sites. Lectures by Mercyhurst faculty as well as by respected
experts from such diverse fields as forensic odontology, forensic entomology,
and jurisprudence considerations will provide the seminar participants with an
excellent background in an important (and until recently, overlooked) aspect
of forensic investigation: effective and efficient rural site location and
comprehensive recovery of various classes of data. Extensive hands-on
experience via open-field searches, actual excavation and analysis of
skeletonized remains, and report preparation will consolidate concepts
introduced in the classroom. Each participant will receive a complete
seminar workbook and certificate of attendance.

DATES: Monday May 22 through Friday May 26,1995

LOCATION: Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pennsylvania

COST: $550 (professionals), $450 (students)

HOUSING: dormitory room boarding available on campus for $30/day

TARGET AUDIENCE: college graduate students in archeology, physical
anthropology, medical sciences, and related fields; coroners; medical examiners
and assistants; law enforcement and fire officials; jurisprudence officials.

-- systematic search techniques in various terrains
-- defining site parameters
-- mapping site localities
-- collection of entomological specimens
-- forensic archaeological excavation techniques
-- house fire examinations and excavations
-- disaster response situations
-- photographic/videographic documentation of the scene
-- forensic osteological analyses
-- forensic odontological analyses

-- Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat, Mercyhurst College (Forensic Anthropology)
-- Dr. James Adovasio, Mercyhurst College (Archaeology)
-- Dr. Stephen Nawrocki, University of Indianapolis (Forensic Anthropology)
-- Special Agent Michael Hochrein, FBI (Forensic Archaeology)
-- Dr. Curtis Mertz (Forensic Odontology, Mass Disasters)
-- Dr. Steve Bullington, Pennsylvania State University (Forensic Entomology)

For more information, please contact Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat in the Department of
Anthropology at Murcyhurst College, Glenwood Hills, Erie PA 16546; Tel (814)
824-2105, Fax (814) 824-2594, e-mail

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