Re: Field gear

Harriet Whitehead (whitehea@WSUNIX.WSU.EDU)
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 08:23:03 -0700

Amen to taking some medical books into the field with you, especially if
you plan to stay in a truly remote area and if you are responsive to
pleas for medical assistance from the people you're living with. I've
taken Where There is No Doctor, the Merck Manual, and a book by Wilkerson
and others called Medicine for Mountaineering. Wilkerson is especially
helpful on the in-field treatment of skin injuries and infections, a
subject on which Where There is No Doctor (at least the edition available
in 1987) falls down.

Harriet Whitehead
Anthro, WSU

On Sat, 8 Apr 1995, Gail R. Pool, Department of Anthropology, UNB wrote:

> Another suggestion missing from the list of field gear is an important
> contribution to health:
> David Werner
> 1977 Where There is No Doctor: a village health care handbook.
> Palo Alto, Hesperian Foundation.
> The address given for this book in my 1981 edition is:
> The Hesperian Foundation
> P.O. Box 1692
> Palo Alto, California
> USA 94302