sweat equity housing

Thu, 6 Apr 1995 09:42:15 -0700

I am interested in 2 topics regarding self help (sweat equity) housing:
I would like to get information on communication and functioning of homeowner
associations in such housing projects. The development I am looking at has a
combination of self help, contractor built and rental units and has been
open for one year. The rentals are managed separately. There is tension
between various groups of homeowners and between homeowners and their board
over differences in expectations of how things should be run, how decisions
should be made. Some residents, despite the hours of work they put in
building, are feeling that their only option is to move. Has anyone done
work in self help housing projects or know of information about this? I am
specifically interested in how residents work out the running of or
management of their community.
The other thing I am wondering about is the owner/renter relationship. Owners
appear to want to distance themselves from renters, despite themselves
having been renters (at other locales) a year ago and despite having friends
and relatives among the development's renters. Does anyone have experience
with or sources of information about this?