Building FAQ on fieldwork logistics (input desired)

Hugh W Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Wed, 5 Apr 1995 21:57:47 -0400

colleague, I would like to assemble the combined wisdom of the Net -- yes,
again :-). This time I would like to collate people's experiences and
insight into planning fieldschools and field research, in any form of
anthropology. I am not talking about methodology of excavation, for
example, but instead am interested in the logistics of planning the
project, coordination of people and equipment, acquisition of permits,
budgeting, accessing unusual forms of funding, working with local people,
and so on.

In the words of my colleague: "We all spend so much time on the analysis
and interpretation of excavated materials, that we tend to forget the
logistics of a dig. Most of the time, this type of information is only in
the head of the principle investigator, and they normally don't share
that with even their best graduate students."

I will pull this information together and load it online at our local
Web/gopher server:

Give me what you've got, be it hints, addresses, strategies, even
food suggestions. I'll take it...!

Please post at least a copy to me.


Hugh Jarvis
Anthropology Department
University at Buffalo