Re: Four fields and teaching intro courses

Tue, 4 Apr 1995 12:05:24 EST


I didn't say the four fields were dead at NCSU, just that I think this old nag should be laid
to rest before it falls on top of us. 60% of my colleagues are "four fieldsians" and they
argue that we should require all of our students to take all four fields, nevermind we have no
linguistic anthropology (altho I, a cultural type) teach our Language and Culture course).
They were also quite ready to forget about linguistics, because afterall Bioanth and Arch and
Cultural are more important!!!! Why are so many people ready to drop Linguistic anthro? I
do not hear anyone insisting that the staff add a linguistic anthropologist.

In any event, I think ti would be better to concentrate our teaching efforts more and have
students take the requiste biology or archaeology or cultural whatever from other departments
as needed. Duke U., for example have separate Bio and Cultural departm,ents. I think that
this is more likely in the future. This does not help small departments like ours with five
staff. It is better, I think, to have more of one than a diluted many of everything else.


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