Theoretical Anthropology E-Journal

Hugh W Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Sat, 1 Apr 1995 20:12:18 -0500

Thought people might be interested to hear about this one...



THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY is produced at the Institut fur Volkerkunde
(Institute of Social Anthropology) / University of Vienna and is a
co-project with the Commission on Theoretical Anthropology (COTA) of
IUAES and the Society for Caribbean Research.

The Editors of THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY are Thomas Fillitz and Ralph
Fichtner. The editor of the contributions from the Society for
Caribbean Research - Vienna / Utrecht / Berlin is Manfred Kremser.

THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY reflects the diversity of the science and the
scholars. Topics from all subdisciplines - social, visual, religion,
aesthetics, material culture, etc. - and related sciences are welcomed.
The journal does not represent one methodological school. It rather is
intended as a forum in which the diversity of the scholars becomes
apparent and is wished, in order to convey the opportunity of following
scientific debates of all kind.

THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY is an electronic journal which intends to
provide the means for such a melting pot. By using the electronic
networks, articles, discussions, reports of research projects, or
informations can be brought to information world wide. We feel that the
electronic text can foster discussion, communication and information as
access is free, and as it can reach the scientific community world wide.

The journal should not be seen in challenge with the print media.

With the "Reader's Comment" box, we intend to raise discussions, in
order to have direct debates, spontaneous and open to all. By clicking
on "Comments", which can be found at the bottom of the table of content
(just click on the volume No. at the front page), these statements can
be directly read. As such, the journal will also serve as archive, as
the most interesting interventions will be stored under "discussions".

The final structure of THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY will be:

Publications of articles;
Publication of training information (courses) and material;
Reports of research projects;
An archive of the most interesting discussions;
Displaying Exhibitions;
Informations on congresses, symposia, round tables;
Reports of such events;
book and job announcements.

Submission of articles and reports should be either via mail or disks
together with an outprint . Although there are some technical problems
for the moment, our intention is to enable contributions in English,
French, German, Spanish and Italian. Pictures (preferably slides) can
be published with the respective contributions at no costs. In addition
to the name of the author, institution, address, fax and email should be

Contributors hold the copyright. All quotations have to identify
properly the origin.

There are no charges on THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, no subscription is
needed, readers are free to print copies of the journal or of parts from
it for their personal information.

In addition, for those not being connected with World Wide Web, printed
copies of THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY can be ordered at the editor's place
at prime costs.