Anthro of Food Choice/Habits

Douglas Todd Gibson (dtg5@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Fri, 29 Apr 1994 14:05:16 -0400

of food habits and food choice and am wondering if anyone has a current
syllabus or outline they can forward me.
I want to compare what people are doing with Harris, Douglas,
Fischler, and Mennell and others. My basic questions are
How is the course designed: using the major tropes
(gender, age, ethnicity and religion), by paradigm (Richards/Mead,
Douglas/Levi-Strauss, Harris and so on), or by themes (hunger,
pathologies, ritual and so on)?
What is the role of anthropology in the study of food habits if
the current debate is limited to boundary definition? What role can the
anthropologist play when food studies have become *applied*? How can the
tools of the sociocultural anthropologist add to the debate of food
choice and food habits?
Please e.mail me directly rather than post everything to the list
in general. Why would you want to fill everyone's mailbox, we are all
about to go on holiday . . . .

Thanks in advance,

Douglas Gibson
Columbia Univ.