New Indonesia 'Briefers'

John A. MacDougall (apakabar@ACCESS.DIGEX.NET)
Wed, 20 Apr 1994 16:32:03 -0400

The April 1994 editions of a set of 10 Briefing Books -- looseleaf
compilations from Indonesia Publications' analytic and documentary
periodicals on indonesia -- are now available at greatly reduced cost
in this period of tight budgets. If the entire set of 10 is purchased,
the price is _reduced by $232_. This represents a 32% savings.

If only some of the Briefing Books are needed, they may be purchased

In a best effort to fill persisting personal, organizational, and
library information gaps on Indonesia, the Briefing Books

-- help readers become current quickly on key topics,
-- permit an in-depth appreciation of issues,
-- supplement news periodicals from Indonesia Publications
and other news sources,
-- reduce endless phone calls, letters, and email tracking down experts,
-- provide hard-to-get, full-text primary source documents,
-- provide translations available nowhere else,
-- constitute invaluable reference works for any private or
institutional library,
-- may be used like regular textbooks,
-- may be disassembled and re-combined to yield customized textbooks,
-- may be _reproduced_ for courses without need for further permission,
-- are available in updated editions every 3 months so readers can
always get the latest information.

And to stay well-informed and get more answers, just email us to be put on
our _free_ online daily mailing list dealing with Indonesia.

Briefing Books (looseleaf, in folders or shrinkwrap):

The Indonesian Military Elite (109 pp, $33)
Law and Political Liberty in Indonesia (484 pp, $146)
The Petition of 50 Group and the Tanjung Priok Incident (100 pp, $30)
Transmigration, the Environment, and Indigenous Peoples (261 pp, $78)
Political Islam in Indonesia (166 pp, $50)
Irian Jaya (126 pp, $38)
East Timor (490 pp, $146)
Aceh (154 pp, $44)
Indonesia's Economy (279 pp, $84)
Recent Dissertations on Indonesia (293 pp, $85)


Set of 10 (2322 pp, now $500 plus postage

(regular total cost is $732 plus postage,
so the reduced price represents a savings of $232,
32% off prices if the Briefing Books were purchased

Briefing Books postage ($4 each surface, $8 each airmail)

Make checks or money orders payable to INDONESIA PUBLICATIONS.
All orders must be prepaid and include complete current
mailing address. Shipment occurs the next business day for
orders paid in US dollars. Allow a week for checks in other
currencies to clear.

Mail orders to INDONESIA PUBLICATIONS, 7538 Newberry Lane,
Lanham-Seabrook, Maryland 20706, U.S.A.

Phone: (301) 552-3251. Fax: (301) 552-4465.
Email: on Internet.

These prices remain valid through June 30, 1994.
All prices are in U.S. dollars.