Re: Analogies?

Allen Lutins (al2032@CSC.ALBANY.EDU)
Wed, 20 Apr 1994 15:15:04 -0400

> With reference to Nancy Bowles remark that, "I realize you
> don't want to replace one sort of analogy with another (androcentric with
> feminist). But, I wonder if you will ever get out of the bind of analogy."
> Suppose (as certain "postmodern" critiques suggest, and I myself tend to
> agree) that analogies are ALL we have to think with. Wouldn't it then be the
> case that what we need to do is bag the discussion of analogy vs. truth and
> focus instead on how to choose better analogies? Which, of course, implies
> learning how to evaluate analogies: an area where explicit criteria are still
> largey lacking.

...this is indeed important, and is in fact being discussed these days
(well, in archaeological circles at least)...check out:

Ann Stahl, "Concepts of time and approaches to analogical reasoning in
historical perspective," _Am. Antiq._ 58(2):235-260, 1993.z

Allison Wylie, "The reaction against analogy," _Advances in
Archaeological Method and Theory, Vol. 8 (Ed. M. Schiffer), pp.
63-111. New York: Academic Press, 1985.


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