Michael Faye [sp] and caning

Mon, 18 Apr 1994 23:17:03 EST

I have noted with interest some of the commentary on this list regarding
Michael Faye and caning. In addition, tonight I heard on a radio talk show
Faye's attorney and an official from Amnesty International U.S.A. Granted,
people shold take responsibility for their crimes, but no one, under any
circumstances, shyould be tortured as punishment. Caning is no mere slap on
the wrist. A cat-O'-nine-tails is used, and the martial artist who inflkicts
the caning is required to use his full force. Blood, shock, a nd
unconsciousness often result from even a lash or two, and scarring is
permanent. The severity of the punishment is such that the victim's kidneys
are protected, because a blow to the kidneys with that kind of force could be

Would Michael have known that caning would have been a punishment for
vandalism? according to his attorney, there were all kinds of signs in the
airport about the death penalty for drugs, but he would have not known about
the other, since caning is not usually a punishment for vandalism in practice.
again, according to his attrorney, the vandalism was viewed by the Singaporan
authorities as political speech, because he apparently spray-painted
anti-nationalist signs on things.

again, while I believe that people should be responsible for their
actions, I do believe that torture is unacceptable under any circumstances.

Marge Steiner