Re: Justice-Singapore style

Glenn Stone (stone@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Sun, 17 Apr 1994 18:34:02 EDT

> compensation and punishment, if this resort to the vicimt defense [ in
> Fay's case it has been a] that he did not know the rules [what planet is
> this kid from] or, failing that, b] he suffers from Attention Deficit
> Disorder [ I have yet to read or hear any explanation of how this effects
> his judgment or ability to make rational choices about punishable
> behaviour but would be most interested in hearing if anyone out there

c] The Singapore police beat up, intimidated, and scared the shit out
of the teen-agers, and told them the next step was cold torture which
involves stripping them, soaking them, and sitting them in a
refrigerated room, the only alternative being a confession. Today's
NY Times piece makes this scenario sound disturbingly plausible.

I have little stomach for debate on the pros & cons of the caning
until this is ruled out.

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