Re: people and their ideas

Tourigny Francois (tourignf@ERE.UMONTREAL.CA)
Fri, 15 Apr 1994 12:45:00 -0400

Dear Danny,

I think yo have a great idea in asking a brief review of themself to the
regular contributer. On the other hand, I still think people should
behave with eacht other like professionnals, which we expect, at least an
"adult" approach.

Behing courteus is just a way to be in an "civilised" culture, and
please take the word "civilised" in the larges sense possible, which
could be founded in Occidental country, Oriental towns or deap Central
American wilderness. I don't like to be flammed by any one, and I can
beleave REAL professionnals might loose their temper in any kind of
discussion. If so, there would not be sch things like education,
knowledge, congress or Listservers... so I certainly cannot behave in
that matter, wanting a minimum of respect from my fellow readers or writters.

Francois Tourigny

P.S.: I am running after my Master in Urban Anthropology, but I like good
food, great wine and beer. I like taking photo of the wilderness, so
climbing, treking, cannoing and camping is part of my life. I love cats (I
belong to Barbouille and Orphee), dogs and horses. Anthropology is one of
my greatest interest, but I like also marine life, specially marine mammels)