Re: Gender (and advice)

Sarah Elizabeth Mack (zabeth@SILS.UMICH.EDU)
Thu, 14 Apr 1994 11:59:52 -0400

I've been lurking on the list for a few weeks now observing, but would
like to add my voice to the chorus for more discussion of gender and
archaeology. I don't pretend to be an expert on the subject, but I would
be interested in a discussion about research that others are doing.

I would also like to ask for some help. I just finished my master's
degree in another field and am hoping to start a master's in anthro
(archaeology) in January. In the interim, I'm trying to gather material
to *catch up*. I've been away from the anthro field for almost five
years and have recently realized a gap in my previous studies as regards
theory and practice. I would like to get a better grasp of theory, in
particular. If anyone would like to humor a novice in this area
by recommending some informative, interesting readings, please reply to
me personally, or to the list if you like. Thanks in advance!

Sarah Mack