Jobs in sociocultural anthropology (fwd)

Caroline Osella (Caroline.Osella@DURHAM.AC.UK)
Thu, 14 Apr 1994 16:33:21 +0100

at The University of Durham, Durham, United Kingdom

The Department of Anthropology is seeking to fill a number of positions in
sociocultural anthropology. The single most important criterion governing
the election of candidates is research ability, and on those grounds the
Department is eager to receive applications from scholars in any field of
sociocultural anthropology. There are however a number of courses that
would benefit from teachers with special research interests in the
following general areas:

- Psychological and/or cognitive anthropology
- The human life-cycle (in both a social and
biological perspective)
- Medical anthropology
- Development anthropology

The appointments are likely to be at an appropriate point on the Lecturer
A scale, though some may be on the Lecturer B scale if appropriate.

We strongly encourage applications from those who wish to job-share. The
University is an equal opportunities employer.

The closing date is May 6, 1994.

For further particulars contact:
Director of Personnel
University of Durham
Old Shire Hall
Durham DH1 3HP
United Kingdom

For further information contact Dr. Sandra Bell on +44-91-374-2857 or
Professor Michael Carrithers via e-mail on