stephanie a little fear between friends should not ruin

Tue, 12 Apr 1994 01:27:49 EDT

...a good meaningfully Paranoid relationship:

It's my fault. I scared her off. There weren't any such letters as I
told her about. She just didn't realize the significance of certain words
with capitalized initial letters when I wrote her the following letter, which
in all good ethical propriety I shouldn't have quoted from, but this is by
way of confession:

> I must regrettably write something in public in response to all the people
>who now send private letters claiming credit for your peace offensive on
>ANTHRO-L. It will however be contrived as part of Paranoid Heritage Month,
>the most successful ever, not a word about it having reached People Who
>Cannot Be Trusted.

Don't you think, in all these years, Stephanie, I haven't acquired a bit
of the Wisdom of the Ancient Paranoids? The higher spiritual levels of True
Fear? For it is written:

*The Enemies Lists of the topmosts entries on my Enemies List are a Trap*.
- The Paranoid Book of the Dead, Shambala Books edition.

Come back, Stephanie J. Nelson. It's my fault, I didn't mean to, you know,
do any harm, just tie you up a little bit, it's Hock Day today, don'tcha know?