1995 SfAA Annual Meeting

Mon, 11 Apr 1994 14:54:01 -0600


1995 Annual Meeting
March 29 - April 2, 1995

Albuquerque Hilton Hotel, Alburquerque, NM

"Environment, Development, and Health"

The 1995 annual meeting theme is "Environment, Development and Health."
Sessions and papers re encouraged that focus on theory, method, and case
studies involving these related issue. Local, regional, and international
perspective on these issues are invited from various individuals and
groups, including indigenous, professional, and other contributors.

Questions about papers and sessions should be submitted to:

Deward E. Walker, Jr.
1995 SfAA Program Chair
University of Colorado at Boulder
Department of Anthropology
Campus Box 233
Boulder, CO 80309
(303) 492-6719 or (303) 492-8984
Fax (303) 492-7970
e-mail: walkerde@spot.colorado.edu