Re: Deconstructing Physics

Mon, 11 Apr 1994 10:27:00 PDT

Yee writes:

".. I would include some areas of pure mathematics in the same category. In
their case it's not so much producing untestable theories as producing ever
more esoteric work on really 'minor' subjects that aren't really of any 'use'
or 'interest' (which concepts are just as contested in mathematics as in the
rest of epistemology, of course). "

"At any rate, I'm certainly prepared to accept that work this esoteric
has no application to anthropology."

"But now imagine people start using mathematical cosmology in
anthropology papers. They fill this work with enough jargon that no one
who hasn't done graduate work in mathematics or physics can follow them,
but make what they say are significant claims about anthropology;..."

Can Danny Yee clarify his reference to "areas of pure mathematics" ,
"esoteric" and "mathematical cosmology"? Depending on what he means, I may
wish to reply, but I don't want to waste people's time on what might be a
misunderstanding of what Yee wrote on my part.

D. Read