Stephanie Nelson (NELSON@USCVM.BITNET)
Thu, 7 Apr 1994 13:20:31 PDT

Christopher Pound's response to Steve Yee's diatribe against Derrida was
useful and gracious. I would not have been so generous. I find the fact
that a professional academic would proudly proclaim that after reading one
essay by a difficult author, he now no longer will read anything else
by that author, and also excises any other authors who make use of him
from his reading list, absolutely terrifying and deeply depressing. This sort
of smug, provincial, academic facism gives the tenure system a bad name.

I invite you all to check out the Derrida list [Derrida@cfrvm], where you
will find many illustrious scholars carrying on deeply thought-provoking
discussions of subjects, cultures, interpretation, politics, etc., from a
Derridean perspective. The level of scholarship on the list is astonishing.
Its membership is worldwide and quite eclectic. One of its more active voices
is Bob Scholes, whose work on reading signs and texts you may know. He is
undoubtedly the leading exponent of Levi-Strauss in the world today.

And on another front, I find Bonnie's remarks that the world would be a lot
better place if we started thinking globally and got rid of all our religious
texts to be ethnocentric and elitist, denying the deep convictions and wealthy
cultural heritages of the majority of peoples on this planet.

Stephanie Nelson (who is having a bad Anthro-L day)