Wed, 6 Apr 1994 23:01:11 CDT

This post is to announce a new discussion list for anthropologists (and
other scholars) working in Oceania. The list is ASAONET, taking its name
from the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO), whose
Board of Directors has authorized this list as a semi-official organ of the
association. It is an unmoderated list whose co-owners are myself, Mike
Lieber (a founding member of ASAO), and Dan Jorgenson. Subscribers can
post and discuss any topic of mutual interest. People who are accustomed to
such discussion lists know that this is a very quick way to test the waters
as to whether a thread on the discussion list could turn into a session at
the annual ASAO meetings. Anyone with an interest in Oceania is welcome to
subscribe to ASAONET. The procedure is as follows. Type

note OR note listserv@uicvm.bitnet

Then leave the subject line blank and input SUB ASAONET Your Name.
Then hit the send key. Anyone interested in information about ASAO can contact
Barbara McGrath (, Karen Nero (
.nz), or me (