Re: Emperor's new prose

Stephanie Wilson (swilson@BIGCAT.MISSOURI.EDU)
Mon, 4 Apr 1994 14:18:39 -0500

On obscure writing:

Maybe this is also a function of how different people approach
anthropology? I have a feeling, from reading anthropological literature
and from reading this list's messages, that some people treat
anthropology as a branch of philosophy and some people think of it as a
science. Hence, the disagreement in why something is written in an
obscure way and whether or not you should require clarity in writing.

Personally, I approach anthropology as a science, and as such, I think
that the writing should be as clear as possible...meaning that it should
be accessible to the general anthropological audience. This does not
mean that you have to write so that the ideas will be ACCEPTED, but that
your arguments should be logical, the grammar accurate, an the word-flow
smooth. (And I hope this is readable, because my computer suddenly
decided not to show me what I have typed.

Stephanie Wilsoner