Re: Emperor's new prose

Willard Brooks (willard@SFSUVAX1.SFSU.EDU)
Sat, 2 Apr 1994 17:01:47 -0800

Personally I do find Bourdieu a challenge to read, great to think, and
accurate in his description of society. If he is right then most of the
presumably bourgeois or want to be bourgeois who write here can do no better
than recapitulate the modes of thought which society has inculcated into
them (me). In my experience anthropologists do not like deep thought,
the Enlightenment models of speculative thought seem to have been tossed out
with the bathwater of H.L. Morgan et al. I think that this anti-speculative
tradition in anthropology has opened the door to the current
anti-intellectualism (or is it simply jealousy) that seems to exist in
anthropology right now. Frankly I am tired of hearing about it, if you
find Kant or Bourdieu or Foucault too difficult then I suggest that you
stop complaining and simply not read them (like most people).