Info on email directory (WEDA)

Fri, 1 Apr 1994 20:06:18 EST

Regular subscribers to ANTHRO-L will recognise the World Email
Directory of Anthropologists as the directory that was posted
in monthly updates to the list. Due to its still increasing
large size, I have decided to no longer post the directory to
the net. Instead it will be stored at the University at Buffalo,
where it can be accessed by ftp or gopher as explained below.
The gopher server at UB has some advantages over the old means of
delivery, the foremost of which is the ability to run full text
searches of the directory. The other obvious advantage is a great
saving of bandwidth.

What is WEDA...? WEDA is a text file that contains names, phone
and fax numbers, addresses, and email addresses of scholars,
institutions, and research facilities with a common research on
anthropology and related topics in other fields. The information
is kept as current as possible, but corrections, and additions,
are most welcome.

How do I access WEDA...? WEDA is stored on the gopher server
Wings at the University at Buffalo. By gopher, you can reach
WEDA by the command:
Once you reach the Wings root directory, follow the following
menu choices:
/Academic & Departmental Information
/Academic Departments
/Anthropology Department
/World Email Directory of Anthropology
Through the gopher, you can search the directory by names or
keywords, or even retrieve the whole file.

Or, you can retrieve a copy of WEDA by ftp. Follow these steps.
Omit the single quotes and use lower case throughout.
(Please note: as of April 1st, I am still setting up the ftp
files on ubvm, so, if you try to get them and fail, wait a few
days. Thanks. Hugh)
1. type 'ftp'
2. login as 'anonymous'
3. type 'cd anthro-l'
4. type 'dir' (to see what is there)
5. type 'get anthro-l.weda' (to retrieve the directory)
6. type 'quit' to get out

You can also have your name added to an automatic file distribution
list (AFD) which will ensure you get a fresh copy of the directory
EVERY time it is updated. (I will endeavour to only make changes
to the directory once a month.) To activate the AFD, send mail to
with the following command as the only line of text (no signatures):
afd add anthro-l weda
(The note about my setting up the ftp-able files also applies here.)

Who do I send comments/corrections/additions to...? Send all mail
to the following address:

_________________ANTHRO-L LISTOWNER_________________