Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

gary m (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 15:40:50 -0500

Lorenzo Love wrote:
> wrote:
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> >"Chariots of the Gods" was a wacko book first published in Britatin in
> >1969 G.P. Putnam & Sons. It was written by Erich Von Daniken and was a
> >bestseller in the 70's with the conspiracy, new age, ufo, crystal
> >freaks. It basically says what the Mormons have been saying for years;
> >that Battlestar Galactica is all true. DOH!
> >
> >Amanda
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> I hear a story a few years ago that Von Daniken wrote "Chariots of the
> Gods" while in prison for running a con games while working as a hotel
> concierge. Does any one have the facts on this?
> Lorenzo L. Love

Yeesh, whats next? You gonna tell me Charles Berlitz is in jail for
mail fraud? Or better yet, maybe he and Von Daniken are one and the
same person. Has anyone ever seen them together? (Yeah, I bought their
books, but I was reading comic books then too.)