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Sun, 29 Sep 1996 17:24:01 GMT

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>This is a question I was thinking of today, and I thought I might post it
>to see if anyone has ever thought of it before.

>Why do many of the major world religions have some kind of head covering
>or removal of hair (Hare Krishna). It is interesting to note the
>frequency of this particular mode of respect (if that is what it is).
>What does anyone think?

I'm muslim, and I'm from the Indian subcontinent originally.

The reasoning behind it is simple: if a woman's hair is covered up, there
is no temptation for a man to rape her; hair is a stimulant for sexual
attraction obviously. The man has to get to know her as a person rather
than as an object of lust.

Cool concept, huh? Actually in most of these religions, men too have to
cover themselves up just as heavily. They have to wear turbans, or sheik's
veils or skull caps, etc.

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