RE: Why ethnical jokes? ((
28 Sep 1996 05:56:19 GMT

>I have wondered why there are ethnical jokes? Is there any theory on
>this matter?

>I appreciate all type of countribuations both if you address me to
>some works or if you simply put your idea under this thread.



I do not think there is any 'established' theory on the existence
of ethnical jokes. I come from a family which has a very distinct ethnic
background. And time and again, I do hear dad saying something 'funny'
about mom's people (which mom doesn't usually take it as a joke) & vice-versa.
Usually, the jokes are either about their own respective physical features
(eg. long ears) and their language (especially how they pronounce certain phrase).
It could also be due to their historical backgrounds (eg. how they were borught
up, how they ate, walk, talk, social status). There are many other reasons
why ethnical jokes emerge but IMO, none are as prominent as the notion of "Us" being
more 'better' than "Them".