Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

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Fri, 27 Sep 1996 16:24:53 -0400

Benjamin H. Diebold wrote:
> John Rice Cole ( wrote:
> : Summary:
> : I just saw a promo about an "ALL NEW EVIDENCE TV show tonight on
> : ABC--"Chariots of the Gods?" ("Did civilization reach Peru from outer space?")
> : Is this some attempt to "top" NBC's "Mysterious Origins of MAn" and CBS's
> : "Ark" shows???
> : Oy.
> I watched it last night. Another set of lies, half-truths and fantasies
> foisted on the TV-viewing public. Pretty disgraceful. You know, for all
> the whining by these fantastic, "alternative" archaeologists that they are
> being suppressed by the establishment, they sure get a lot of big-time
> network air-time. At least twice in the past year the claim has been made
> in front of a national TV audience that, for example, Tiwanaku is over
> 10,000 years old and built by space aliens. That probably constitutes all
> over 99% of that same public will ever hear of Tiwanaku.
> There may be a conspiracy of silence here. But it isn't being perpetrated
> by the archaeological "establishment" (whatever that is).

"Establishment" = more tired, old conspiracy theories. Same old ramble, same
old dearth of evidence. Yawn!

As far as ABC is concerned, it doesn't surprise me that "Making Mountains Out
Of Molehills, Inc" places income over integrity, social responsibility, and
all that boring stuff. It's pretty much what I expect from them. And Von
Dorkian is consistent - he's shoveling the same old sh*t he's been shoveling
for the past 20 years.

However, I will say I'm a little surprised, and disillusioned, with Richard
Karn (sp?). I would've thought he'd have been a little more on the ball than
to get involved with this kind of sludge. I hadn't had an impression of him
being one of the typical Hollywood flakes until now. I'm giving him the
benefit of the doubt. I'd hate to think that, like ABC, money is more
important to him than integrity.