Re: terms
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 21:40:57 GMT

Someone wrote:

->what's the difference between schizoid and schizoaffective

In terms of personality, the schizoid is a personality disorder
characterized by someone who is emotionally distant and has little or
desire to have contact with others. Rather a hermit, at least
emotionally. There has bee little treatment success. It seems to be
treated by therapy for the most part (at this time).

Some one with a schizoaffective disorder does not suffer from a
"personality" disorder as does the schizoid. The schizoaffective
disorder is characterized by a psychotic experience which has mood
congruent symptoms, but does not seem to meet the criteria for
schizophrenia. Further it has to be qualitatively different from a
psychotic experience during a major depression or bipolor episode. It
tends to be treated with therpay combined with antipsychotic and
antidepressant medications.

The causes for each of these varies from theoretical orientation to
orientation. However, in both cases there appears to be a biological
(perhaps genetic) predisposition. Thus these people seem to be
physically "set" to having a greater chance of experiencing such a

I am amazed at the direction this thread has taken. Are there no
therapists who deal with these conditions out there? Or, are many
simply into slamming one another?

Dale Pietrzak